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Touristic Services


Tourist Services:

The 2007 brought us great news for Peruvian people, with no doubt one of them and the most important is that Machupicchu was elected one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Peru is a wonder and amazing country as well as we count with and incredible diversity of natural attractions  and a very rich Cultural Bequest which leave us a good impression to the visitors and many desires to return, alone to mention some examples you can choose the following alternatives:

We offer the possibility to travel through the Impressive Sacred Valley of the INKAS in one of ours comfortable, versatile and economic cars, to enjoy an unforgettable visit to the sanctuary INKA of Machupicchu in a comfortable 4x4 or to be part of the biodiversity of one important nature preserves of the planet as the National Reserve of the Manu is it.

To visit Puno, the navigable highest lake Titicaca, to know the floating islands of Uros, Taquile and The Islands of the Sun and the Moon, continuing with its tour by the south of the country, will be able to appreciate the flight of the majestic Condor in the deepest canyon of the loft of the world passing for a chain of magical towns wich seems that the person have stop under the time, to finalize this adventure you are going to arrive to the beautiful White City of Arequipa where you can enjoy the  gastronomic tour and a rich colonial infrastructure. 

A serious different proposal to begin an adventure from Lima continuing toward the south to visit the Islands Springs in Pisco  in order then to pass for the city of Ica where you are going to be able to practice the sundboard and other sports of adventure in the Oasis of the Huacachina, to taste all a variety of wines and Pisco, this last drink was named beverage of national flag, then to be directed toward the lines of Nasca to appreciate the great cultural bequest of which we feel very prides.
As well as these options you will be able to enjoy many other, and to know Peru in our modern fleet; we know about the responsibility that represents to offer a service of this type, we assume this challenge we invest in infrastructure and human capital to its height we include tourist guides, Tour conductors, bilingual conductors, maps and information of all the places before mentioned, don't feel insecure and make the best election and permit us to put our business to your service, no doubt anymore be sure this is the best choice.

Corporative Service:

Peru is a country that not only lives from Tourism also of the Agriculture, Industry, Export and the Mining Industry; Cusco is not the exception since here we include projects of great importance as that of the interoceanic wich route will connect us with the neighboring country of Brazil, mining projects like the of the Bambas, Tintaya, Selene and thus many. 

For this type of works we implement our fleet with small trucks 4x4 equipped according to the demands of this type of projects, so that thus we can guarantee the best performance of our vehicles in the country of work; we include a lot of experience in this sector, we know which are its needs and we are prepared to satisfy them.

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